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Project STRIDE

We expose and engage high school students in clinical research.

We expose and engage high school students in clinical research.

2021 Project STRIDE Cohort Research Titles

Adam Barrios: "Investigating Clinical Trial Drugs Used in Breast Cancer Treatment That Target Fibroblast Growth Factor Proteins and Epidermal Growth Factor Proteins" 


Akali Warmsley: "The effects of Food Insecurity on dietary health of adult IBD and IBS patients in South Los Angeles (SPA 6)." 

Amiee Padilla:  "Disparity of Physicians for Adolescent IBD/IBS Patients in Disadvantaged Service Planning Areas in Los Angeles County"

Celeste Garcia:  "Identification of P53 protein role in suppressing cancer cells"

Raul Luis: "A Systematic Review of Youth Participatory Action Research and Mental Health Interventions"

Nayla Cardosa: "The Relationship Between Socioeconomic Inequalities And Mental Health Problems In The Adolescent Population" 

Roelvi Fuentes: "Study On the Mechanism of Diabetes-Related Breast Cancer"

Taylor Daniels: "Cancer Survivorship and Caregiver Leadership Education for Clergy Wives & Widows"

Viridiana Morales-Hernandez: "The Relationship between Depression and High-Risk Behaviors in Adolescents" 

Heidy Marcelino: "COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in the Latinx Community"

Yareli Juarez: "Cancer Survivorship Support in Churches"

Priya Bhavsar: "The tumor microenvironment of VEGF-A and its inhibition"