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Project STRIDE

We expose and engage high school students in clinical research.

We expose and engage high school students in clinical research.

2018 Project STRIDE Abstract Titles

Karen Cazares: "Health Informatics & E-Health"

Cynclaire Gibbs: "The Impact Food Insecurity has on Health in Service                                    Planning Areas 5 and 6"

Samantha Gonzalez: "HIV/AIDS/STD Knowledge among African                                 American/Latino Males Residing in SPA 6 of LA County"

Sarah Kpekpe: "Cancer Survivorship in the U.S"

Luis Mancilla: "Project STEP: Recruitment Method Efficiency"

Brian Mora-Solis: "High Exposure to Environmental Hazards Impairs                                  the Health of the Homeless at Levels"

Kaitrain Paiz: "Prevalence of cigarette use among Hispanic/Latino                                    adults in California"

Sofia Rojas: "African American Triple Negative Breast Cancer"

Gabriela Sanchez: " Environmental and Biological Opioid Addiction"

Folasayo Shodiya: "Interventions to Childhood Obesity due to school                                       lunches"

Titilayo Shodiya: "Compound 34 Inhibits TNBC cell growth by                                               blocking mTOR pathway"

Melissa Zuniga: "A Systematic Review Early-onset Colorectal Cancer"

Chioma Abaekobe: "Prevalence of Alcohol Use among African                                                  American and Latino Adults in California"

Nubia Cardoso: "Health Providers of Color: Does Discrimination in the                   Workplace Increase Burnout and Impact Career Choices?"